First Pick of the 2015 Season

Apologies for just now getting the SORSN Pick Panel cranked up but we were waiting on Kyle Canup’s background check to come back.

SORSN Pick Panel joins the season for game 3 which features Midway on the road to Lookout Valley. Last year, Lookout Valley came to the Emerald Forest and handed the Waves a shocking 24-0 loss. Once again, these two teams meet with each looking for their first win of the season. Midway opened the season with a loss at Rockwood. Last week, the Waves looked really good against Coalfield but they kept shooting themselves in the foot with multiple fumbles deep inside the red zone and broken coverage on defense.

Can the Waves correct those errors and get the first win of the season against Lookout Valley? Let’s ask the panel of experts.

Michael Rose: Um, no, but I did hear that Amy Queener got a tattoo on her bicep last week.

Barry Narramore: I believe they will! So much improvement over the Rockwood game. Midway has a good team if all the parts will start clicking at the same time.
Great to see Tanner Seymour back on the field.
So in honor of the woman who will pledge the rest of her life to living with Kyle Canup next Saturday, God bless her, Midway 36 Lookout Valley 13

Kyle Canup: Well Shawn I’m glad you’ve returned to us. Barry Narramore and I were concerned. I know it’s week 3 but I did pick our first two games correctly, soo uh yeah, I’m 2-0. Haven’t got to see the Waves play yet but I know it’s never easy to transition with a new coach, but I believe Midway gets win number 1 tonight and I bet they put up some serious points.

Ralton Emory: I’ll go with the Green Team.