Game 9 Pick

We won’t even acknowledge last week’s outcome and jump straight into the 9th game of the season, the one that has Midway traveling to the land of solar glares….Sunbright. The Sunbright Tigers are 3-5 (1-3) on the season with wins over Oliver Springs, Wartburg and Jellico. On paper, Midway is the clear winner but that’s why they play the game. The 2015 season has been a strange one for the Waves; expectations weren’t too high but after seeing them play, they quickly surprised the fans on the hill and it has become a season where the team is a lot better than their record shows. The Waves are also 3-5 (1-4) and need this Region win.

How will the Waves fair on this cold, October night in Sunbright?

Ralton Emory: I believe the gas has run out of the tank in many ways. Now is gut-check time. Can the Waves muster enough to finish strong and gain some pride back and a bit of momentum going into next year? We’ll see.

Waves beat the Dark Moon Felines in a game that will be closer than it should be: 16-14 is your final. Believe that!

Barry Narramore: Fall break must’ve been a break from football because the green team didn’t show up Friday night! This week the Green will get back on track with a 14 point win.

Kyle Canup: Waves get the win and get another game closer to .500, and they definitely need it after last week. I’ll actually take the Waves by two scores. Just for a side note I’m perfect for the season, even the games we didn’t get to make an official pick for.

Sure Kyle. You just happen to be “perfect” on the one season in 11 years that we haven’t recorded picks for each game. To quote the church lady…how convenient.

Michael Rose: I’ll take Midway. If I win, do I get a Tattoo’s by Bryan gift certificate?