Panel Goes All Green

The Waves are coming off a big win over Oliver Springs last week and will return to the Emerald Forest this Friday night looking for their first region win as they play host to Jellico. Jellico is 3-2 (0-1) and in their 3 wins, averaged nearly 40 points per game. Their 2 losses came at the hands of Greenback and Oakdale.

Will the Waves get a long overdue Region win this Friday? Will Kyle Canup continue to blame his Fantasy Football losses on having to spend time at Bed, Bath & Beyond? What Greenwave shirt will Luke Bryan wear on Friday night? Let’s ask the Pick Panel.

Barry Narramore: First of all, I’ll take the Midway shirt that has the helmet on the front that looks like it has Ethan Halls monster head crammed in it! Second off, if Kyle is not doing well I hope he’s not dumb enough to blame it on his precious new bride, though I doubt he is not.
Now, what a great win for the Greenwave last week. Manaic Moser, Jake Woody and Tanner Seymour found plenty of holes behind the big Midway line putting 40 points on Oliver Springs.
Who would have thought that Coach Minton would have to call off the dogs early in the 4th quarter? This Midway bunch is better than their record shows and will put another one in the win column this Friday night… Midway 36 Jellico 12

Ralton Emory: Midway over the Jellico Jellos by 10 plus.

Kyle Canup: First off who would’ve thought jelico would be 3-2, and/or have enough players to play a full 4 quarters. I thinks it’s great honestly, but I still like the waves for this one. They’re playing some ball now and coming off a good win. Midway won’t allow them to score that much and I think the waves take them by two scores.

Side note it’s one fantasy loss and I was only at bed bath and beyond to get Shawn something nice.

Michael Rose: Midway.