Mid-Season check in with Coach Minton

SORSN: Coach, it was an exciting, heart-pounding win over Oliver Springs for Homecoming this past Friday night and the fans got to see how explosive this offense can be. While competition can vary from week to week, tell us what has helped lead to the offense finding their rhythm in the Emerald Forest recently?

Coach Minton: We have a good group of players that work hard during the week to get better. But I really think that the offense is clicking now thanks to some special medications Coach Patterson is taking for his foot. Ever since the surgery he has really been coming up with interesting plays that the opponents can’t figure out.


SORSN: On the season, the team is just a few pounding plays away from being 3-2 or perhaps 4-1 on the season. 9 turnovers in the first two games, yet those only led to 1-touchdown losses in each game. Those first 2 games included just bad luck at Coalfield and a momentum killing power outage against Rockwood. Speaking of the outage, did anyone find out who Boo Narramore ticked off at VEC?

Coach Minton: Yes, we have been very close in all of our games. When you give the other team the ball 11 extra times or a 2 hour halftime they are bound to be successful. We are focused on cutting out the turnovers and paying all of our bills on time.


SORSN: Despite the early season setbacks, the team has rallied and have played some good football. You pound the pavement these next 2 weeks including a visit to Harriman for a big district game. What needs to happen in order for the team to continue to be successful?

Coach Minton: We need to continue improving on the little things in practice and carry that over to games. It is important that we hang on to the football and limit penalties.


SORSN: What’s the latest odometer reading on Coach Gabe Patterson’s tricycle? There isn’t a lot of depth so injuries are always a concern in single A football with players taking a pounding having to play both sides of the ball + special teams. Excluding Coach Patterson, what’s the injury status of the rest of the team at the halfway point in the season?

Coach Minton: Coach Patterson is putting on the miles, but our lease is good up to 150 miles, so we should be ok there. Zane and Jack are on the DL for the moment with hopes of returning soon. While injuries are never good it has been good to get younger players on the field during key plays.


SORSN: This week Midway (2-3) travels to Jellico (3-2). The Jellico Blue Devils started the season 3-0 with pounding victories over their opponents. What can you tell us about this year’s Jellico team?

Coach Minton: This is the best Jellico team I have ever seen. They are very well-coached and have tons of speed. It is going to be very difficult to keep them contained.


Good luck this Friday night coach and Go Big Green!