About Greg Jones

In our continuing efforts to provide and expand our outstanding services to the fine folks of South of the River community and to further our long term plans to supplant ESPN as the next Worldwide Leader in Sports, SORSN.com is pleased to announce that we have recently expanded our ‘all things SOR sports coverage’. SORSN.com is reaching out to give some insight, tell some stories (which may or may not all be factual) and to provide our legions of loyal readers a report on some of the unlimited natural resources in and around our East Tennessee area (and hoping to pick up an extra sponsor or two). In summary, SORSN.com is branching out to include coverage of the great outdoors.

Based on this expansion, SORSN.com is proud to announce that we have an addition to make to our highly paid, extremely motivated and expertly trained reporting staff. Local fishing, hunting and general all around outdoorsman (and SOR resident) Greg Jones has graciously accepted the position of special outdoor correspondent. While competition was fierce for this position (word reportedly leaked of SORSN.com’s expansion last week on a Braves Fox Sports South broadcast), SORSN.com feels compelled to keep our site homecooked and believe that Greg is the logical choice for the assignment. As for the other candidates, our apologies go out to Mr. Jimmy Houston, Mrs. Cindy Garrison and Mr. Jackie Bushman. Good luck to the other candidates and maybe things will work out elsewhere (plus Jimmy’s laugh really got on our nerves during the interview process).

greg jones fishing guide kingston tennessee
Greg Jones - hunting & fishing guide

Many of you may know Greg as the step-dad of SOR residents Brent & Spencer Myers, and the husband of legendary Midway Greenwave hook shot artist Cindy Rose Jones. Greg is a lifelong avid sportsman who enjoys all things outdoors and has known to partake in many fishing hunting, camping, kayaking, scuba diving & spear fishing expeditions in and around the area.

Basically, if it’s outdoors, Greg does it, has done it, or plans to do it. Greg is also a wild game processor and an excellent taxidermist and has an amazing display of his work at his newly completed workshop near his home SOR.

It is not uncommon to see Greg on the river or in the woods with various members of the football team, local kids or other SOR legends.

Greg and his brother Larry have become emerging fishing guides on many of the area lakes including Chickamauga, Watts Bar, and Fort Loudon and have even received recent attention from several outdoorsman magazines. The Tennessee Sportsman Magazine recently published an article featuring Greg in their May edition. Greg has also made it into sportsman magazines in South Carolina and can be seen in an online fishing episode (webisode) at northstaradventures.net (episode 2).

Greg has agreed to provide a fishing report for us, where he will share his experiences, opinions, and advice and a yarn or two with us in our “Outdoors with Greg Jones” blog (original title don’t you think?). As with all things SORSN.com, we make no guarantees to the validity of any of this information published here, but we can ensure that we will have enjoyed the efforts and content of the information.

Photos from Greg’s outdoor adventures can also be found under galleries.

In closing, help us welcome Greg to the website and we hope you enjoy!